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This 125,000 cubic liters underground water tank was constructed at Kongasis Christian Education Center from June 2020 and was completed in November of the same year. The funds for this project were contributed by a generous friend of Kacece from USA through regular contribution and the Management of Kacece. This project will go a long way to solving the water problem of Kongasis school. We dearly appreciate the support.


The work of digging the underground water tank started in June 2020.


The  work was interrupted on several occasison  by heavy rains  forcing the workers to drain out the water first.

Tank 2 Tank 3

There was need to construct a stone wall at the top for a firm foundation

Tank 4


                                       The stone foundation


Tank 5


Finally the liner was placed to ensure no water was lost into the ground


Tank 6


The roof was constructed on top of the water tank


Tank 7

Corrugated iron sheet was finally used to secure the tank and ready to collect rain water from the roofs of the old building (white in colour in the background) and also from the school Kitchen.